Visiting Chefs!!!

Who are Les Nouvelles Mères Cusinières? Working hard to get where they are today, confirming that not all world-class chefs are male, this close-knit group is comprised of female chefs following in their family’s footsteps. Brought together by Hélène Darroze as purveyors of good taste, exchanging ideas and offering each other support, these powerful women are currently being featured in the Food & Restaurants section of under “A Woman’s Place.” If you are lucky enough to live in the Big Apple, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to partake in some extremely fine fare created by these visiting chefs!

4 Replies to “Visiting Chefs!!!”

  1. Hello Julia , la plus francaise des américaines ! Je suis revenu voir ton Blog , et bah les mises à jours sont rares , mais meme si je comprends qu’un mot sur 8 ! bah oui je ne suis pas top top en Anglais , tu es génaile comme ton blog !
    Bises à bientot par mail !!! oui oui j’attends un message de ta part !

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