What’s the haps?

While I have not had the pleasure of dining out or creating masterpieces in as much as I’d like, I do have a few tales to tell regarding the past week. Last night, I did happen to dine out at the not-so-affordable (Where does The Seattle Times get off saying affordable while placing two dollar signs next to “Price”?) historic firehouse in Ballard, now known as The Hi-Life (the latest Chow Foods and supposedly “family-style” eaterie). The menu does sound delicious with Mediterranean touches. If you don’t happen to be getting paid decently by a techie or corporate enterprise in the area, then either opt for a pizza or the Applewood burger, or go somewhere else. I did actually try the burger, and while the fries were great, I found the burger to be a little dry offering only a smidgen of bleu cheese. Ketchup and mustard were offered, but no mayonnaise. The waitress declared that they had no mayonnaise (What??? No mayo?), despite the mentioning of the side of fries with aïoli on the menu. My friend Tom’s spaghetti with crab was pretty tasty, and he did seem to enjoy it. And we did absotively enjoy the bronze fireman figurines lining the bar/restaurant wall separation. Very nice touch.
At work this morning, I had the privilege of tasting our Culinary Coordinator’s (and former Pastry Chef) freshly baked brioche, smeared with a touch of butter and a spoonful of Marionberry jam. I couldn’t resist. The wafting of homemade goodness lifted me from my cubicle-ridden chair and carried me gently into the kitchen. What else could I do? I, of course, could not be rude and refrain from partaking in her handmade creation. Sometimes this job does offer perks after all.
I completely forgot to talk about my brunch last Sunday. At around noon-ish, I arrived at Sarah’s bacon aroma-filled home, and was greeted with a lovely golden mimosa. This girl really is the next Martha Stewart; everything was perfect. The table was set for four with toile dinnerware and dainty packages of Easter treats for each guest. After downing a mimosa, I opted for a café au lait, remembering that it was still rather early, and that I did indeed have other engagements for which to stay awake throughout the remainder of the day. Conversation was fun, mimosas were great, etc. etc. Now on to the food. O.K., well, my brunches, if I ever had any, would probably consist of biscuits & gravy, bacon, eggs, and maybe various other treats–pretty down home. Sarah’s was a tad more upscale: scrambled eggs, loads of bacon, asparagus spears, strawberries with a side of sour cream and brown sugar, and baked croissant French toast. Oh My God! I’m gaining another 20lbs. just thinking about it. To accompany the pièce de résistance was our choice of maple syrup or perfectly round balls of cinnamon-orange zest butter. After devouring as much as possible, (no one was shy) we hung out around the table with another mimosa and chatted about work, life, and movies and played with Sarah’s babushka dog Sweet Pea. Utter bliss!
Tonight, it’s drinks and appetizers at B & O, and Born Into Brothels with the ladies. Such fun. Don’t worry Mom, I’ll have something for you too at our old stomping grounds.
Have a wonderfully delicious day!!!

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