Seattle Cheese Festival

Although this is still over a month away, and just in case you haven’t already heard about it, I thought all you cheese lovers out there might want the heads up on the Seattle Cheese Festival taking place May 14-15. As soon as I read about this, I literally became a bubbling hot pot of fondue. O.K., well, not literally. But I do looooove cheese. No, being lactose intolerant does not hold me back. That’s what Lactaid is for. No matter what, I absolutely cannot give up something that just makes me so darn happy. The smellier the better. The thicker the rind (la croûte), and the greater aged, bring it. So, yes, I will definitely be at the Seattle Cheese Festival. If you’re interested in learning more about cheese, register for one, or all six, of the education seminars. Even if you don’t attend the seminars, you’ll have tons o’ fun walking around the market, attending demos and tastings, lunching in participating restaurants, and enjoying this grand dairy event’s ripe goodness.

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