Yankees vs. Mariners

Since this blog is about food, I’ve decided to write a little sumpthin’ about a recent baseball/foodie experience. One Tuesday evening, I was invited by some friends to the Yankees – Mariners game. My first real live professional baseball game!!! So amazing. I used to attend school or little league baseball games with my grandfather fairly often when I was little. I loved the games and the Frito pies. Good times.
But as an adult, I’ve graduated. Philly Cheese Steak & a beer. It don’t get any better than this. O.K., well I am partial to pizza, beer, and a movie, but there is room in life for a little bit of everything fulla goodness, n’est-ce pas?
I was so excited when my friends called. Just the evening before, I was watching a game and wondering why I still hadn’t attended a Mariner’s game in Seattle. What’s my problem anyway? It’s right there. I guess it took a good friend with a free ticket to kick me in the rear and drag me away from work. Definitely worth it.
It was a beautiful evening. The sky was clear, the stadium was huge and packed, and the smell of game/fair was in the air: sausages, hot dogs, nachos, burgers, beer, and Philly Cheese Steaks. Yuuuummmmmers! You just can’t go to a game or the fair without eating something hot & greasy. I think the rules must actually be written down somewhere.
We wandered around most of the time; checking out different areas, chatting with fans, searching for the cheesesteaks, sneaking into seats closer to the dugout (heehee). Finally, we nabbed a few sandwiches, grabbed some beer, and sauntered off with full hands and empty tummies to find our seats. Pretty amazing. I got lots of pics, and still couldn’t believe I was in the same “room” with these guys I’d been watching on TV. Oh, and the cheesesteaks. Amazingly hot & greasy, filled with plump folds of juicy beef, slithery fried onions, and gooey cheese. Honestly…
Apparently, cheesesteaks evolved in South Philadelphia in the 1930’s at Pat’s Steaks, and originally were topped with pizza sauce (can ya ‘magin’?) Lookin’ for the best one? Check out The Best Philly Cheese Steaks.
The Yankees won, and so did my tummy. Don’t wait around thinking “One day, I should do this. Or one day I should do that.” Do it! Nab that Philly Cheese Steak! Explore life and all the great food it has to offer. If you sit around and just watch it on TV, you might just be missin’ out on something amazing.

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