Thank You Seattle!

I was hoping to write this update about a week ago, but time was limited and, as usual, simply slipped away. There are so many things I want to say, and people I want to thank, that of course I will probably forget everything I intend to mention. But I’ll give it a try.
I am officially a Brooklynite, yo. I applied for my driver’s license today, and as of Monday evening have been residing in a lovely apartment with my two new, and pretty darn cool, roommates.
I’ve already been to Paul’s Boutique (of course), Le Gamin (the one in Brooklyn this time), and Galaxy Global Eatery (interesting concoctions for both carnivores and herbivores alike) located at 15 Irving Place (212.777.3631).
What a crazy, busy, overwhelming, welcoming city this is. I am still in shock, and, as I hear it, will remain so for a little while. I have my very official NFT (Not For Tourists) map guide, and am ready to discover NYC’s crazy nooks & crannies, inconspicuously of course.
I want to thank my friends/family for being so wonderfully supportive. It has been a true gift, and keeps me going.
I also want to thank a special someone (you know who you are) for making my last few culinary weeks in Seattle absolutely scrumptious. For all of you in Seattle, please try Persimmon in Fremont. The ambiance is charming and the dishes are de-lish. But save room for the Pot au Chocolat, which is absolutely orgasmic. Unreal.
Thank you to El Chupacabra and all of my Seattle friends for giving me a smashing (ed) “Headin’ East” party.
Next on the agenda is a review of a book I’m currently reading; “The Real Food Revival” by Sherrie Brooks Vinton and Ann Clark Espuelas. So far, so very good. I’ll post more as soon as I possibly can.
Have a wonderfully delicious day, and talk with you real soon.

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