My Catering Op

I love to cook. And no, I am not a chef. I have cooked for a few dinners, cocktail parties, gatherings, and such, but have never had any serious formal training. And no, things do not always turn out as I’d like. I would love to eat healthier, and am starting to get there, though I will never be able to give up meat or fast food (everything in moderation, n’est-ce pas?). A couple of months ago, I cooked for my roommates’ birthday (twins). I met a wonderful young woman there, and she seemed to like my cooking.
Recently, this young woman e-mailed me about catering a party for her, for about 50 people. Wow! I have cooked for more than that, and though it’s sometimes a challenge, it’s always a blast. Noooo problem. Yeah, ok. I’m in New York, I don’t own a car or van, and I’m transporting EVERYTHING necessary for a catered party by taxi from Brooklyn.
Here we go…

Menu: To be announced at a later date depending on if everything turns out right…and I don’t have to find something new and improved to make at the last minute….

Day 1-ish:
OK, so I’ve already been shopping for platters, some food, napkins, cups, etc. I’ve pretty much made the rounds to Target; Pearl River Market; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Pier 1; a few specialty food shops; and Trader Joe’s. It’s unbelievable what one has to go shopping for for the ‘perfect’ partay. Table cloth, napkins, cups, transporting cases, platters, extra kitchen tools, & of course, food. And there is still so much to think about. Today, I added chopped spinach to my homemade store-bought pesto (oops) as well as pine nuts, cheese and garlic. I didn’t add more olive oil, as I will be stuffing mushrooms with it, and don’t want it to be too oily.
It’s Friday, and the party isn’t until Monday, but I get really excited about these things, and love to prepare in advance. Twisted, I know.
I food-processed my bell peppers and celery today. Will also do that with the onions, making sure to put them in a well-sealed container so as not to ‘pew pew’ the rest of the fridge.
I went to the ‘ragler’ grocery store to buy flour, sugar, cream cheese, and other fairly insignificant significances. When I woke up this morning, it was raining. Ugh! It stopped in just enough time for me to wheel my basket for about 10 minutes to the bigger supermarket, Target, Starbucks area (had to have my energy boost for the shopping experience), otherwise known as Atlantic Center in Brooklyn. Then as soon as I was crossing over the walkway to the supermarket area, I noticed the lovely downpour. Yikes! Lucky me. I, of course, spent ions in Pathmark checking out all the groceries, and attempting not to run over slowpokes along the way. Even in New York, though it is Brooklyn, people will just not get out of the way. But it was during the day. And I should be used to it coming from the South. And, then again, people were pretty friendly. It was like I was living in an actual neighborhood – which I guess I do, but am always running too fast to notice – and people I passed said ‘good morning’ and smiled. That was wonderful. And the check-out clerk let me use her grocery card so I could get a discount. Then as I left the supermarket, the sun was shining, and people were out and about. Beautiful. An absolutely brilliant shopping experience, now that I think about it.
I just sat down for a little Chicken Korma with rice (made basmati rice with pine nuts, and added chicken and veggies to Trader Joe’s Korma Simmer Sauce) and a glass of vino. Keep looking at my brand new, untouched Deep Fryer, and thinking that I really must do a Deep Fry party soon. Anyone for deep-fried twinkies & burgers? I can feel the lawsuits now. Ouch! (to my bank account…and my arteries…)
Until tomorrow, if I don’t freak out too bad first…

3 Replies to “My Catering Op”

  1. i know that its not the easiest to commute but i would be well up for a deep fried twinky party and i have no idea what a twinkie is (actually i do but i thought it would make me sound quaint and endearing if i fained ignorance).
    Congrats on the chef gig and i hope it goes smoothly but i have no doubt it will.
    See ya lady.
    p.s: we still on for a pool rematch in december? i have a score to settle.

  2. Yay Julia! You are the best chef in the world – formal training be damned! You are the definition of inborn talent.
    Have fun this weekend. It will all turn out well. Serenity now.

  3. I think this dinner party will be wonderful! You are a “chefess” in a million, boo–you make me proud to know you, AND to have had the privilege of eating some of your delicious food. From one Louisiana hot babe to another, I appreciate your use of the “trinity”: celery, bell pepper and onion–laissez les bon temps roulez! Hope some of this menu will be recreated when I visit, yum! Merde and gros bisous.

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