Day 2 of Catering Prep

Day 2:

Yesterday morning, I woke up, took a shower, had a bowl of coffee and a sugary donut stick, and ran out the door for my final grocery shopping feat. Then I, of course, ran back into the apartment, flipping everything upside down and inside out not remembering where I strategically placed that shopping list of wines I needed to order. No worries. I will just find new wines. Ran out of the apt. again, walked down the street, thinking that it was most probably in that one jacket pocket. But the desire to run back up two flights of stairs really didn’t appeal to me, so off to the subway I inched feeling guilty for being so lazy.
I started off at the Union Square Farmers’ Market in search of herbs, fruits, & veggies. I found a few things, including nettles, which I’m not sure exactly what I plan to do with. Off to Whole Foods for won ton wrappers, certain condiments, and some black olives and mozzarella balls, which I plan on skewering. And then, of course, on to Trader Joe’s to grab a few last minute what-nots to complete the shopping list. Good timing. Lots of things to prepare today.
Well, apparently in New York, there is always construction on the subway system. So, whether you like it or not, at least one or two of your usual lines will be switched to a different line or not stopping at your usual stop. etc. It’s just really all about figuring it out on your own because who in the world can actually understand a darn word the subway intercoms bark out. So what happens to the tourists during summer? Throw your quick jaunt subway ideas out the window, keep your eyes peeled for signs in the subway, and just think of it as yet another crazy New York adventure. Yes, well my two and some odd hours waiting, switching, sweating, and cursing kinda knocked that whole thought of NY adventure out of the window. I must say, however, that despite the major inconveniences, I’m sure whatever kind of construction they’re working on will be worth it, and I do so admire those workers down in the subway shaft working all day long with their jackhammers and the rats. Unbelievable. I can really be quite spoiled at times.
Once home, the ritual began. While French radio hummed in the background, and with apron donned, I began boiling eggs and potatoes, baking won ton cups, mixing mint, cilantro, & crème fraîche for the topping of my chilled cucumber soup shooters, and cooking up some crawfish tails, in the trinity of course.
My roommates came home early, and despite lack of room in the fridge to place their beer, they were very cool with me taking over the entire kitchen. What better excuse to order pizza, n’est-ce pas? While they played Clue and a two-hour long game of UNO, I wrapped crawfish cakes in basil leaves, cooked chicken in ‘wing’ sauce, puréed cooked egg yolks with crème fraîche, capers, and dill for salmon deviled eggs, and managed to grab a slice or two of pizza for sustenance. Whew!
With absolutely no more room to spare in the fridge, I cleaned up, and retired for a new day.
Day 3, today…to be continued. Coffee first, please.

P.S. Did you hear that Rolling Rock is being sold to Anheuser-Busch??? Check out this article as well as the Anheuser-Busch site for more info.

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