The Big Day!!!

Img_4513Yaaaaayyyy!!! I just returned from a wonderful party full of lovely folks, and the food was a hit. I spent most of my time in the kitchen, but did get to taste a bit of vino and learn a few bad words in Japanese. The apartment was amazing, the chow flowed, and the evening was just plain de-lovely. Too bad there seemed to be a crazy wind blizzard in May. So much for the terrace.
Spent the morning putting on some final touches, called a cab, arrived in one piece, forgot my cell phone in the car (finding it is still pending), and arrived home without a scratch (maybe a tiny toaster oven burn, but that’s it).

My menu:
Cucumber soup w/mint-cilantro crème fraîche
Tuna tartare in wonton cups w/wasabi-avocado aioli
Buffalo chicken samosas w/bleu cheese Schmancy deviled eggs
Stuffed new potatoes (stuffed with potato salad)
Crawfish cakes wrapped in fresh basil leaves
Stuffed mushrooms w/basil
Skewered fruit
Skewered veggies (marinated pear tomatoes, mozzarella balls, & black olives)

Thank you for keeping up. Will definitely be in touch very soon.
Have a delicious day!!!

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