Brewskies & Grub – Together at Last

I must admit, I do greatly enjoy beer, pizza, & a movie on a Friday night here and there, though I tend to stick to Rolling Rock, Red Stripe, or an occasional Guinness (with Fish & Chips). Not because I don’t like anything else; I’m just not much of a beer connoisseur. I have also occasionally encountered some Corona and/or Negro Modelo happily accompanied by mounds of tortilla chips drenched in Valentina hot salsa and limón on trips to Mexico. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, I was unfortunate enough not to have tried out some of the microbrews. What was I thinking? No excuse. I just wasn’t. Guess I was too hooked on the coffee bevs. And of course I still have a slight aversion to ‘beer-drankin’ as it brings back memories of shy little me surrounded by the oh-so-serious partiers at ‘there’s always a reason for a pahhhhy’ gatherings in Louisiana including a lounge chair and coolers of Schlitz, Michelob, Coors, or Buuuuuud.
As I’ve matured, I’ve slowly inched away from the negative connotations of drinking beer. Now with the bazillion food/beer-pairing articles popping out all over the place, I just might have a chance to start from the beginning, and perceive beer in a different light.
I try not to follow the trends too religiously as to avoid being a sheep (i.e. ‘Oooh we just must have a rosé. They’re so refreshing.’). If I’m going to buy something, it’s because I want to try it and am curious or just plain love it, not because it’s the latest fad. Though, occasionally, I do become curious in some latest ‘revelation’ that eeeeevrybody’s talking about. Let’s take beer, for instance. Summer is just around the corner. It’s time for down-home beer & barbecues. What if you’re doing a schmancy barbeque, and, acquainted with your lack of beer knowledge, your cousin Fred sends you $250 worth of beer off of He’s really sweet, that Fred. "Beer goes great with barbecue, though mine isn’t necessarily just ribs & tater salad. What in the world do I do??" Have no fear. Millions of writers/beer-lovers are here to educate you.
So I still know nothing about beer, and haven’t yet had the chance to go to a tasting of sorts. But here are some links that just might get you started on your questions such as: What in the heck is a beer sommelier anyhoo? or Is it healthy to drink oatmeal stout for breakfast?
Enjoy yourself, and remember ‘everything in moderation.’ This is a dinner, not America’s version of Oktoberfest.

Cheers article by Oliver Garrett: ‘Better Beer Food Pairings’

Food & Wine article by Andrew Putz: ‘Great Beer From Around the World Meets its Food Match’

Frank Bruni’s article in The New York Times: ‘Giving Beer Its Place at the Table’

Article by Andrew Webber: ‘Beer or Bread: Was Beer the First Great Cereal Food?’

A Good Beer Blog

Real Beer

Beer Cook

John’s Grocery, Inc.

Stephen Beaumont’s World of Beer

2 Replies to “Brewskies & Grub – Together at Last”

  1. yay for beer! with or without food!
    great blog, thanks for your note and the link– looking forward to reading your adventures! and to be up there with mfk fisher– even if it’s a fortuitous alphabetical fluke– is pretty cool. a+

  2. There is a great place in Brooklyn; Biercraft on 5th ave in Park Slope. They have lots of great beer, cheese, and a very helpful staff. BTW, the name of your site led me to a revelation, how about biscuits WITH brioche, layered in a parfait? I must try this tonight.

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