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   Born and raised in a small town in Louisiana, embraced by the love of her family and traditional, southern culinary comforts, Julia Price developed a deep-rooted appreciation for sharing delicious food, good spirits, and interesting conversation with others. Her mother instilled in her a deep regard of the theatre and international flavors, her grandmother locked in the hearth of Louisiana and the South, her grandfather taught her the ins and outs of the meat market, and her uncle showed her good, clean eating-contest fun.

    After working the dining rooms and kitchens of several small restaurants, Julia’s passion for food married with her strong desire for writing. In 2000, she began working as a freelance writer in Louisiana and Paris. After a short break as a pastry apprentice in Seattle, she launched her culinary blog, http://www.biscuitsbrioche.com. Employed as a proofreader with, and writing occasional copy for, Sur La Table only enticed her love of culinary writing.

    During a one-week getaway to New York, Julia was offered a position as Executive Assistant to French pastry chef François Payard. She packed her bags and moved to the East Coast to follow her dreams. The following year, Julia went freelance, writing press releases, chef bios, culinary articles for magazines, and book proposals, and translating documents from French to English. In 2006, she acted as Chef Coordinator for the StarChefs International
Chefs Congress in New York, working with top international chefs.

    Julia continues to update Biscuits & Brioche, has worked as the copy/food writer for Dean & DeLuca, is a freelance writer and translator, jumped head first into the music, film and culinary scene in Lafayette, Louisiana, and is passionate about food, travel, and communication continuing to explore interesting culinary avenues.

    Her favorite foods vary from haute cuisine to down-home, but must include a sense of warmth, comfort and home. Cupcakes encourage the kid within, and foie gras polishes the adult. She is always open to trying new tastes and meeting new people with interesting stories to tell, and strongly believes in networking and in connecting the right people in the hopes to offer a bit more of a community atmosphere to life.

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