Too Darn Hot!!

    Just how hot is it anyway???
    This morning, I walked to an area about 15 or so minutes away to go to a basically nonexistent farmers’ market, went to the grocery store, and came home by 10:30am. I quickly turned on the air conditioner, grabbed a glass of ice-cold water, and looked in the mirror to see a bright red lobster face staring back at me.  At 10:30am!!! eek. I turned on the TV, fixed and ate a salad, and passed out on my bed. Today, it’s 101 degrees with a heat index of 110. Tomorrow will be the same if not a little hotter. I’m not going outside until at least 7pm, when I’ll be heading to the artwalk downtown with a friend. It should be much cooler by then… only about 94 degrees. OMG, this weather can’t be healthy. Mom’s in the hospital right now for heat exhaustion. She went in yesterday, and should get out later this afternoon if her sodium level is up enough. No one should have to leave the house on days like today. In fact, if you live in places with weather like this, you shouldn’t have to leave the house all summer. Yeah, sometimes grey, Seattle days aren’t too shabby after all.
    OK, so maybe I was a bit harsh on the market, and I realize I’m a little spoiled with knowing Pike Place Market, markets in France, La Boqueria in Barcelona, and Union Square market in Manhattan. And, did I mention that it’s really hot? But, if you’re in the Oil Center neighborhood of Lafayette, LA, and are in the mood for a serious outdoor market, don’t go to City Garden Market. They do claim to include "seasonal produce, organic vegetables, farm eggs, free-range chicken and meats, tilapia, honey, herbs, beef jerky and more." What I found were some canned preserves, a bunch  or two of wildflowers, cakes and pies, a handful of veggies, eggs for $3/dozen, and some frozen free-range chickens, but I guess I was just hoping for more. If you can make it to their actual farm in Scott where they sell products on Wednesdays, I hear that’s much more interesting. I also hear that they are now in the Oil Center location after not reaching their desired traffic in their former location of River Ranch. So maybe Lafayette just isn’t ready yet for a farmers’ market. Rajin’ Cajuns are definitely into food, but what does it take for the natives to start shopping for, requesting, demanding organic veggies and poultry? Maybe they’re used to getting farm-style products from their relatives in the country, so they don’t need to go out and pay for it? Maybe they grew up on the farm, and now appreciate being able to walk into a supermarket and buy everything they need, and know how to dress up their dishes just fine? Maybe they like lower prices and the convenience of their local Super Walmart? Although I can’t say I enjoyed a salad made with fresh farm-grown veggies, my salad was just fine, gave me the nourishment I needed, and made me remember what real fruits and vegetables used to taste like. Maybe one cooler, much cooler, Saturday morning,  I’ll be able to go back to City Garden Market, bring home some free-range chicken or tilapia and seasonal vegetables, fix a great meal, and just be happy for the little things, the flavorful things, in life.  As for today, I’m just going to enjoy my TV, air conditioning, and supermarket produce.

3 Replies to “Too Darn Hot!!”

  1. Bonsoir mon amie.
    Next time you happen to be ’round the greater Seattle area, I’ll insist that you attend the Olympia Farmer’s Market. It’s rather podunk, yet has a wealth of local organic produce… and “Dingey’s” wonderful pan fried oysters.
    P.S. Have you heard of this traditional Japanese drink of water with soy sauce and live little fishies? A friend just returned from two years in rural Japan, and I’ve yet to find any info on the net about this crazy beverage.
    – Loren

  2. It’s too darn hot alright!!! Where are all the bozos NOW who say there’s no such thing as Global Warming, hiding out in their airconditioned hideyholes with their you know whats pulled up over their heads?? I really don’t think there have been enough warnings out so that other people might not fall prey to dehyrdration, and it’s not a good thing to happen to man, woman, child or beast, all the systems in your body are affected, heart, lungs, brain, it’s hellish!! Anyhoo, I’m better now and able to read lovely new postings on this blog site, I really enjoy them sooo much! Keep up the good work! I’ve heard from a reliable source (my Mom, your Nana, who grew up on a farm) that it’s so hot all the crops and fields have dried up and parched out around these parts, so maybe in the Fall the Farmer’s Market will be better (and MUCH cooler to walk to!). In the meantime, stay well hydrated and in the shade as much as possible, one and all.

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