Well shut my mouth, and call me a cab…

Ok, so as soon as I write my rant about markets around the Lafayette area, BAM! out pops an article in “The Independent Weekly” entitled “Local Flavor” to shut me right up. It’s a fantastic read by Mary Tutwiler regarding organic and/or local products in the area, AND includes a list on where to find locally grown and produced food. So I’d like to include Mary’s list here, and thank her for helping me put my foot in my mouth. Be sure to click on the photo. And, since it’s the latest feature, you can also find the full article on the site linked above.
    Did everyone out there hear about POPS, the new destination on Route 66? I saw it first on CNN or one of those other newsy channels. Located northeast of Oklahoma City at 660 W. Highway 66 in Arcadia, it’s the hot new pop stop. Or soda. Or coke. Or bubbly beverage. Marked by a 66-foot soda pop bottle, POPS houses a “Soda Ranch” of over 400 of your favorite ice-cold beverages, as well as a restaurant, gas station, shake shop, gift shop, convenience store and event venue. While Stuckey’s will always rule, POPs looks like a delish detour to perfectly quench your thirst.

    While having a drink at the new swanky bar The Lounge in downtown Lafayette, I finally met up with the owners of Pamplona, the new Spanish tapas spot due to open this fall. Chef William Annesley and his lovely wife Karina are fun, spunky, hail from L.A., and are set to bring a new bite to Lafayette. While I can’t divulge all of the exciting info just yet, I will say that it’s sure to offer some wonderful flavors, a few offal small bites, and some fabulous wines from around the world. They believe it’s just what Lafayette’s been waiting for. I don’t know about Lafayette, but don’t be surprised if you catch me snuggled in my sleeping bag in front of the door anxiously awaiting the grand opening. Be still my tingling taste buds.

    Stay tuned for more news on Pamplona, Louisiana bites, and the joys of being a pauper student.

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