Job Announcement

OK, folks, this is it! Word on the street is that there is a dashingly divine British chef, (William
Annesley – see The Voodoo Bar and Tangier of L.A.) and his lovely lass,
Karina, in search of sous-chef material right here in our very own
Lafayette, Louisiana. This superb town is foaming at the deconstructive
bits for big-city atmosphere and stylish bites. The aforementioned duo
is more than prepared to offer this town exactly what it needs. The
question is… are you prepared to see the Zagats, Michelin’s, and New
York(er)’s head south for the winter… and stay?

Here’s what’s being offered:

  A well-traveled Sous Chef – But not just any. One who is comfortable
taking over the restaurant when William is out and about frolicking in media/publicity utopia.
STARTING the last week of October/first week of November; Tuesday
through Friday (Lunch and Dinner); Saturday (Dinner Only); 8am – 11pm
most days

Where: Lafayette,
Louisiana – A new downtown tapas restaurant, PAMPLONA, seating 105,
including two bars (14pp & 5pp, the latter looking into the snazzy kitchen).
Genre: New Tapas – Spanish, French, Italian, Moroccan with a brilliant English touch! 
A seasonal menu – Locally slaughtered animals (NOSE to TAIL). Local
game. LOTS of offal. Fresh-from-the-farm eggs, herbs, etc.
Perks: What, you want
more than just residing in one of the best-kept secret spots in the
entire world??? Contact us for more info on this one.

This is an interesting opportunity and worth looking into. All interested, and qualified, parties, please contact me asap. ¡Muchas gracias!

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