Yes, folks, we are smack dab in the middle of crawfish season. This past weekend, a friend from Seattle paid me a visit, and found himself immersed in a muddy crustacean extravaganza. Saturday evening, we went to Crawfish Town with some friends and had a few lbs. of the spicy-hot lick-your-lips goodness, and Sunday, a local friend in Eunice busted out a few sacks full for a little boil and jam. A couple of things I miss whenever I’m living far away from Louisiana are definitely crawfish and boudin. The latter, we got from The Best Stop in Scott the afternoon he arrived. Although I may not blog as often as I’d like, this does not mean we in Lafayette are lacking in the meal department. Louisiana is one of the best states I know of for culinary enrichment. And Lafayette itself ranks pretty high up there in the number of eateries. May 2-4, 2008, the artsy, very happening town of Breaux Bridge hosts the Crawfish Festival. So if you’re around the area, perhaps checking out Festival International or Jazz Fest, then don’t miss out on some of Louisiana’s finest. Another friend was just in from New York on a media culinary tour to celebrate and promote the recently launched Louisiana Culinary Trails. Her group had the pleasure of learning how to peel crawfish, had a few bites of a nice variety of gumbos, and made the rounds of big-name specialty brands such as Tony Chachere’s and Tabasco.

For a decent demonstration of how to peel a crawfish, check out video #6 at the bottom of LCVC’s page from Gator Cove.

There is always something going on in Acadiana, and now that spring has sprung and summer is definitely showing its colors, there’s a festival around every corner. For more information, check out LCVC. Hope to see you around here real soon. Bon appétit!

2 Replies to “CRAWFISH SEASON!!!!”

  1. That looks fantastic! I have never been down to New Orleans, I think I might have to go sometime when craw fish are in season, they sound so delicious!

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