Indian Flavors to the Rescue!

While I'm now quite far away from my favorite Indian restaurant, Taste of India, located in the University District of Seattle, it's been a while since I had anything remotely resembling the rich and creamy curries, tikka masalas, and butters that I still crave. New York's Curry Row and/or Hill boasts of robust curries, and I tasted one or two while living there. And, joining in on the list of complainers I love to loathe, I have yet to try the one and only Indian restaurant in Lafayette, Masala. Some say it's not worth it (as told by a couple of Lafayette Indian residents), and others (well-acquainted with the restaurant and its owners) say that it's authentically delicious. It's just hard when you've tasted what you think is utter perfection to venture out to other spots, especially those recommended, for fear of finding it less than up to your super picky standards. That also happened to me with a certain Lebanese as well as a Thai restaurant – get any and every dish on the menu at Skewers (formerly Lebanese Gourmet) in Indialantic, Florida (this place seriously can't be beat in Lebanese food – super fresh and all homemade); dive directly into #24 (Kao Soy) at Thaiku (also in Seattle). My mouth is watering just thinking of it all.

So when my friend Arpana was in town this weekend from New Orleans, and offered to come over and make curry for me and our friend Cody, there was no way I could miss out on the offer. I made a sort of super quick sangria, and soggy samosas. But Arpana came through with some brilliant chicken curry and palak (spinach) paneer. While I did observe her cooking it, I didn't take notes, though I should have. However, I have included a couple of recipes below. Click also on the links above also to try some other delish dishes.

Palak Paneer
Chicken Curry

Gotta go. Gettin' hungry. Oh, and I promise to stop complaining about the lack of international flavors in town, and go out and try Masala. Soon. Bon appétit!

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