You Know, I Think We’re Going to Need More Bluegrass…

After having spent several years in Seattle, rainy skies can't stop me from getting out & about, especially on the first day of summer. My June 21 began with an exceptional Bluegrass brunch at Nolita House with Nina. A dish of sweet fluffy biscuits smothered in creamy sausage gravy and topped with two eggs sunny side up alongside a Bloody Mary was the ideal way to start my day. Nina tried the New Orleans-Style Shrimp & Grits, mouthwatering cheesy homestyle grits surrounded by grilled asparagus, blackened shrimp and topped with sunny-side up eggs. We're both leery when it comes to trying so-called southern or Louisiana restaurants outside of that area, but Nolita House surprised us both and brought us right back home to our Louisiana roots. The Bluegrass music was pretty spectacular too creating a very comfort-food-esque atmosphere.

Shrimp & Grits  Biscuits & Gravy  

Our next stop was the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory for more Bluegrass thanks to Make Music New York. Potbelly Gumbo and Frankenpine picked and strummed in front of the factory, even during the intermittent grey skies, sunbursts and rain, while Nina and I hung out on cacao sacks out front tapping our toes and sipping on tasty, and free, cold Bud. 


After wandering about the Williamsburg hood, we settled into cozy, woodsy Nita Nita and nibbled on some amazing buttery garlic shrimp and spicy smashed sweet potatoes with chorizo. Definitely a place to drop into if you're in the hood, or even if you make it part of a Williamsburg destination tour.

Nina at Nita Nita

Traipsing around a bit more, thinking I was about to head back to the city, the rain started falling again, and Nina and I found shelter in Fabiane's, a European café with a great awning-sheltered outside seating area for a bit of hot hipster eye candy. The mocha and pear tart were a lovely ending to a long walkabout day, and it didn't hurt that behind us was a couple speaking French and to the side was another speaking German. Gotta love the variety of New York.

Café at Fabiene's   Pear Tart

A couple of days before, Amanda and I met Amy downtown at the Swedish Midsummer Celebration before heading to Cobble Hill where I was to meet up with Christina and Tereza for Thai food & libations. The next morning, Christina and I had a typical Parisian morning in Brooklyn complete with pastries from Sweet Melissa, freshly French-pressed café from Lighthouse, enjoyed outside on her terrace before the rain came down. No pics of the breakie, but here's one of the Swedish Fest.


Thus the music-food connection continues mixing delicious flavors with soulful sounds. It's inevitable. Two great tastes that taste great together. Philip Ruskin of Ruskin International is in search of chefs or others in the food industry within the New York area who might also be interested in playing some tunes. Give him a buzz if that's you. Bon appétit!

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