Curry & Baby Bottles

Tonight, my belly's full of decent chicken tikka masala from Raj Mahal (yup, that's right) Exotic Indian Restaurant. Super sweet waiters, great company with Kara and Margaret, a bottle of deliciously dry white wine thanks to Margaret's parents, Raj fits in there with I'm sure some other pretty sweet Indian spots in the East Village's Curry Row. Walking down E. 6th Street near 1st, the spicy curries and garamasala's waft through the evening air as the restaurant hosts beckon pedestrians to dine in and enjoy some butter chicken & samosas. A great night for it actually with a slight chill in the air. Our evening ended with a libation at d.b.a., mother to that in New Orleans. This one has a different vibe to it though. The area? The people? The lack of humidity? Eh…

Jessica arrived tonight, as did Joel. But as they get settled in, I'll write this entry, and ponder upon what Louisiana shenanigans we might all get into tomorrow. Yay. Or coffee/lunch would be good too.

Last night was superb as I finally ventured out to La Cave des Fondues with Arlyn. An amazing woman full of spunk and real life stories, not like the ones you find spit-shined and over-polished on TV, she's full of interesting tidbits and advice that a woman like myself could really dig into. And the meal was pretty fun too. Mussels in a divine dijon sauce I could have dived headfirst into, with a side of frites to start, accompanied by a biberon of sauvignon blanc. Then onto the ooey gooey cheese fondue, which could have used a little kick, with bread and ham, as well as a biberon of bordeaux for me and pinot noir for Arlyn. And the cutie French beret'd waiter was nice enough to find us some cornichons. The end was made complete with a café liegeois (ice cream & coffee with a dollop of whipped cream, served in a martini glass). And the room was adorable with long wooden tables, kitsch murals, and very loud French music from the 60s. Not exactly Montmartre's Le Refuge des Fondues, but a pretty good substitute when you don't have the real deal. Speaking of… check this out:

I'm off to rest me belly and dream sweet thoughts of sugarplums, fairies and me able to fit in my bikini even after all of these yummy meals. mmmmm… A girl can dream… Bon appétit.

La Cave des Fondues  Le Serveur

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