41º in Barcelona

Martini at 41º41º is really hot. Like 105º Fahrenheit. The latest Adrià brothers’ cocktail bar, 41º, named after its latitudinal location, is SO much hotter! With its soft opening this past Tuesday, Albert  is already preparing 1000 bites of each treat per day. TV cameras abound. The staff is efficient and easy on the eyes. And beautiful diners/theatre-goers drooling over its spread as well as its next door neighbor Tickets, due to open next month, sit content sipping on classic cocktails and noshing on El Bullì-style tapas (for a fraction of the price). Cocktails average around 12€ while bite-size tapas coast from 2-ish€ to 8€ or so. I’m not going to convert the figures since the difference continues to fluctuate. Let’s just say that it’s more than worth it… and then some.

Now I haven’t been dishing out as much culinary editorial work these days due to lack of inspiration. However, last night, Albert Adrià, his biz partner Juan Carlos Iglesias, also of Rias de Galicia and La Gastrojoieria, and their incredible team shined down onto my palate a pure and precious “hallelujah.” Can I get an Amen?!

Beginning with a Vesper Martini and an Old-Fashioned, my friend Chris and I soon found our comfort zone amidst the paparazzi as the display of tapas arrived. Beginning with sweet, crisp pistachio filled leaves topped with yogurt and seaweed rounds covered in crunchy quinoa, we were then presented with puffs of pig skins sprinkled with Mexican spices, olives worthy of knighthood (see video) and melt-in-your-mouth blackberry bursts filled with yogurt. Happiness. Pure happiness. I think just maybe if everyone could enjoy what we had last night, there would be no more war. No more hatred. Only love, peace and and influx of common sense. Ahhhhh… what the world could become. Note: Must write to Obama. I wonder if 41º ships those magical mystery olives. hmmmm…

It’s worth a shot. Though, if you want to test my theory, arrive early. Spaniards go out late, the bar is “cozy” and there is the sure guarantee of a line. And since folks by the hundreds are already reserving seats at Tickets, be sure to plan ahead. I predict a smash hit by the theatre district’s newest star.


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