Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A few nights ago, my friend Roniq and I went to a screening of Jiro Dreams of Sushi – a colorful, insightful documentary about 85-year-old master sushi chef Jiro Ono, the owner of the 10-seat restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo. Beautiful. Informative. Touching. Real. It’s a work of art, so if you have the chance to see it – coming out tomorrow in Seattle – please do so. I’m adding the clip again here:

Naturally, we were starving after we left the film. But instead of heading out for sushi on this chilly Seattle night, we checked into Panevino for a couple of glasses of wine, some focaccia with olive oil and balsamic and a tasty selection of additional happy hour dishes including caprese (salad), cioppino (seafood), polpette di carne (meatballs) and panna cotta (heaven). I’m a big fan of panna cotta, but have yet to find a really good one in this city. I’m sure there’s one out there. The taste of this one was nice (a bit of coconut with a berry sauce), but if it doesn’t shake like a woman’s breast, then it’s not a true panna cotta. The limoncello offered by the handsome waiter, however, added blush to our cheeks and warmth to our cockles. 

Thankfully so, as the rain is not letting up too much here when the rest of the world seems to be getting late spring temps. Poo, I say. But the coffee helps, and the little sprigs of sunshine that pop out every once in a while don’t hurt either. 

And so are the days of our lives in Seattle… 

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