Evening Five of Mark’s Visit…

Oh fun fun fun, how you take a toll on me. If it weren’t for pictorial evidence and a bit of a headache this morning, I would think all the delicious dishes and libations plus the playful conversations about music, movies and lovely folks out and about last night were all just one scrumptious dream. Thankfully not. 

Unfortunately no pics of the beauties and their vivacious hair out on the town (so refreshingly non-Seattle); as usual, the food and drinks consumed my lens. 

Marjorie, darling, it was my first time, and you did not disappoint. Gentle yet full of flavor. Donna is a delightful host and makes you feel almost as if you’ve been invited into her own home dining room. Gorgeous travel photos combined with fashion pics line the walls PLUS there’s a turntable in the restroom. All quaint and full of lovely deliciousness. 

Roniq: Carrot soup with bits of fennel and quinoa. House-made pizza with arugula.

Mark: Cedar-roasted Swordfish with cauliflower and a salsa verde.

Julia: Duck liver mousse with fig jam. Ricotta gnocchi with english peas, cherry tomatoes and pea vine.

Washed down with a bottle of Crianza Rioja. 

You can’t venture into the area without stopping by Canon to witness, and imbibe, Murray‘s quickdraw mixin’. Also, my first time. Of course, now I’m paranoid of venturing into this category… or perhaps inciting a new one called “Sh*t Bloggers Post”…

But, yes, I did take pictures and tell Murray what kind of drink I wanted, leaving it up to him to work his magic. But it’s like tooootally encouraged here and stuff. Or at least the last part, or maybe it’s more allowed than encouraged. Anyway…

Tasty drinks with a hodgepodge of ingredients including the ever-increasingly-trendy bitters, good times with friends and a restroom with an old-timey radio show… how can you go wrong.

Aside from making for a happy palate, two of the best restrooms in the city, so far, can be found at Marjorie and Canon. Thoughts were indeed voiced between me and Roniq on combining the two for the perfect studio apartment. I blame it on the bitters. Or the rain.

Many thanks to Roniq, Mark, Marjorie (Donna) and Murray (Canon) for making it such a fun-filled night. xoxo

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