ATTN Single Chef Friends!!!

In new reality show ‘Chef Wants a Wife,’ Manhattan matchmaker sets up professional cooks for love – ATTN Single Chef Friends!!!

R.I.P. Nora Ephron

Thank you, Nora, for showing us a world of hope, love and possibility.

100 Montaditos in Seattle???

Now if only Spain could export the sunshine along with their scrumptious little fast food sandwiches … le sigh. More info on the company expansion here. 100 Montaditos in Seattle???

When is enough, enough?

What is their definition of “dangerous”? How many murders does it take? How many sick homeless people does it take? How much sadness does it take … for the system to finally change? How My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind – NY Times “We’re protecting civil liberties at the expense of health and safety,”…

Perfumes to Sip as Well as Sniff

Natural essences — flowers, spices, grasses, barks and resins —are being used to powerful effect in cocktails. Perfumes to Sip as Well as Sniff

Nashville’s Rising Stars: The Kitchen Is Their Studio

Take the Brooklyn food sensibility and transplant it to Music City, where a down-on-its-luck side of town is being brought to life one great plate of food at a time. Nashville’s Rising Stars: The Kitchen Is Their Studio

Once upon a time …

Once upon a time, In a land far away, A beautiful, independent, Self-assured princess Happened upon a frog As she sat, Contemplating ecological issues On the shores of an unpolluted pond In a verdant meadow near her castle. The frog hopped into the princess’ lap And said: ” Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome…

What Makes Sense – Thursday, June 11, 2012

Lucy Amelie Cassese Things that made sense today: Taking the bus to Ballard. Buying water on a warm, dehydrated day. Purchasing a bottle of Bordeaux and a box of Petits Ecoliers. Holding Kirsten’s sleeping newborn for two hours. Texting ridiculousness with a friend I’ve never met. The sunshine. Boats gliding along Lake Union. Panang Curry…