A Handful of Food Outings

If there’s one thing I don’t lack in this city, it’s food and libations. Detox time! (for a day, anyhoo)

Welcome Nina! Spread. Potato-Bleu Cheese Croquettes w/Red Pepper Sauce, Olives, Chicken Liver Mousse, Black Olive Tapenade, Smoked Trout Spread, Sangria

Smoke Shop – Jameson Nightcap

Café Presse – Wine Break

Café Presse – Almost Happy Hour

Café Presse – Asparagus with White Beans and Frites

Dates, Pesto Toast and Post Card Writing at Dinette

Arabica Brunch – Salmon Scrambled Eggs w/Spicy Biscuit – Whoa!

Macleod’s Scottish Pub – Don’t Steal This!

Walrus and the Carpenter – Drinks, Oysters, Super Soup, Steak Tartare

Top Pot – Happy National Donut Day!!

Bitterroot and Their Outrageous Bacon Bloody Mary’s

Ooh la la Cooking Headquarters with Charly (Red and White Gazpacho & Cheese Soufflé)

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