The Grape Whisperer – Select Italy

Carlo Cignozzi of Paradiso di Frassina serenades his grapes with the sweet sounds of Mozart and Vivaldi. So very very cool! Imagine being able to taste music!! mmmmm… The Grape Whisperer – Select Italy

Thierry Henry à NYC – NY Times

“London will always be special because that is where his daughter lives, but New York has been everything he wanted: a stage, a cave, an alley and a palace, all at once.” – NY Times (click to read article)  

Sartre vs. Camus – In America

“It is necessary to fall in love … if only to provide an alibi for all the random despair you are going to feel anyway.” – Albert Camus (click to read the entire NY Times article)

Fiddle Tunes & Gumbo

A golden hue spotlighting the adjacent bookshelf and beautiful, young Asian girl typing away on her laptop. Little man person on his. Chatty gentlemen outside soaking in the long-awaited Seattle summer. The sweet scent of sugary donuts and espresso wafting around the room, dancing along to streaming swingy jazz. Oh, Top Pot on a warm,…