From Indonesia to England-ish.

What do you get when you cross ginger cake with huevos rancheros with nasi goreng with razor clams with high tea? Eclectic tastes and an adventurous tummy.

Arabica‘s ginger, lime and black pepper cake. My new best friend.

Ham and cheese crêpe.

Like eating pure butter. Bacon, egg and cheese croissant.

Served in a coffee filter. How cute is that?!

Nasi Goreng from Cloves on Queen Anne. Good, but I’ve had better.

Welcome to Charlie’s on Broadway.

Window seat at Charlie’s on Broadway.

Huevos Rancheros with hash browns. Dang.

Super cheesy omelette with hash browns.

Collections (Chihuly) Café ceiling. Seattle Center. More innards to come…

Watermelon gazpacho.

Razor clams with green tomato chutney. Totally sacrilegious that they’re fried. Ugh.

On the Clipper en route to Victoria.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Royal Doulton.

Tea time at the Empress.

English candies.

Coffee break in Victoria.


Never did get my poutine. Sad face.

Ciao Victoria.

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