Madison Park Conservatory – Louisiana Dinner Re-Cap

Last night, I had the pleasure of not only dining at Madison Park Conservatory but also introducing my boudin balls as part of a wonderful Louisiana dinner with Cormac Mahoney and Matthew Lewis. Being in the kitchen was incredible. And while I felt like a novice, it still felt familiar and comforting. Thanks to Cormac and Matt (and Mikey) for letting me join in on your chef games, to Lulu for your enchanting host skills, to all the staff for your flawless flow, and to Lilli and Brian of Trickbag for your groovin’ tunes. And Happy Anniversary to Lilli and Brian as well as Greg and Jana!! Zoi, you were missed!!! xo

Well, this is what trying to be flashlessly discrete in super low light gets me. Absolutely wretched-looking food pics. They don’t do the dinner justice, but at least gives you an idea of what it entailed.

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