Road Trip Lessons

From Asheville to a night in Montgomery to long-lost friends in New Orleans to Home Sweet Home Louisiana … What have I learned?

I’ve learned that being on the road makes me happy. I’ve learned that you can drive through the waterfall state of North Carolina without seeing seeing even one waterfall. I’ve learned that you can scream and cry and sing at the top of your lungs while driving down long roads without feeling like a lunatic. Well, not like too much of one in any case. I’ve learned that people talk with their mouths full. A lot. I’ve learned that the glorious autumn in the southeast U.S. must be where jigsaw puzzles were born. I’ve learned that clowns in red noses trump KKK gatherings. I’ve learned my true calling is as a hip hop dancer … or a singer … or a truck driver … or a train conductor. I have learned that most music on the radio is complete shite, that most overheard conversations are shite and that there are a lot of dangerously intolerant and obnoxious “religious” radio shows in the southeast. I’ve learned that somewhere our priorities got skewed and reality TV became the accepted norm and goal in everyday society. I’ve learned that I can’t return to my past, spend more time with Mom, resolve regrets or live in any former moment. I can, however, research old notes from this life-long exam, revisit friends and memories and continue quizzing myself hoping that one day I actually get it. I have learned that I must live in the present, love more, laugh more and enjoy what life hands me. I must forgive, even if painful memories remain forever. I have learned that fear and darkness tend to take over my brain. But I neither have to feed off of it nor beat myself up for it. Instead, I laugh it off, forgive myself and break old patterns. There are many conversations to be had. Much to hear and listen to. Many places to travel. Many people to meet. Many things to be thankful for.

Unanswered questions:

Why do drivers ride up as closely behind you as they can get before they pass you?
Why is everyone in such a rush?
Why do people in South Carolina drive so slowly?
Why do we zero in on the scandals, infidelities and destruction in the world instead of focusing our energy on education, health care, mental health, arts and the environment?
When did we give up common sense for immediate noxious gratification?

It was a beautiful road trip; lovely to be alone on the road; good for thinking, good for meeting new people, places and self; good for hanging out in hotels and watching HBO; and good for spending two precious weeks venturing around the southeast U.S.



Fried cheese stick sandwich at Denny’s
Anticipating the perfect time to enjoy a Peanut Buster Parfait




Grilled Marinated Shrimp with Manchego Plenta – Café Granada – New Orleans
Gracious Bakery in New Orleans – Savory Bacon Brioche
Gracious – Chocolate-Almond Tart – Crispy, Buttery Croissant












Anya, Yvette & Kristi from Bonsoir, Catin at Café des Amis

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