R.I.P. Paul McIlhenny

“The iconic 145-year-old hot-sauce company lost its chairman and CEO Paul McIlhenny on Saturday to an apparent heart attack, the New York Times reports.” R.I.P. Paul McIlhenny

Listen to Your Tongue – Edible Geography

“In other words, it’s possible that everything tastes creamy when your tongue is worn out — which perhaps lends weight to the Victorian advice to chew each mouthful one hundred times before swallowing.” Listen to Your Tongue – Edible Geography

Tickets – A Melt-in-Your-Mouth Experience

I hate the word whimsical. But here is where it actually makes sense. The feeling of olives exploding in your mouth. The oooooze of cheese sliding around your tongue. The refreshing aroma of peas and mint. All of the ocean’s wonders wafting across your palate. The ching ching of the ice cream vendor’s bell as…

American Vermouth: Anything Goes

European law requires vermouth to be made with wormwood, but on this side of the Atlantic, makers are free to tinker. American Vermouth: Anything Goes

Encore des Photos de Paris??!!

“Eh, beh, oueh.”“Mais comment tu as autant de photos de Paris? Tu ne prends jamais de pause?”“Si si, mais j’adore les belles choses. Et quand j’en vois, je n’arrive pas à m’empêcher de sortir mon appareil photo.”“Ah bon.”“Oui, voila donc encore un milliard de photos de Paris. Mais, ce serai encore la fin. Ne t’inquiètes….