Don’s Easter Brunch by Moi – What should I call it? – Mexican Cornbread Muffins with Poached Eggs, Bacon, Hollandaise & Stewed Tomatoes

smashtastic! thanks!!

due to some sort of horrendously violent stomach virus, or something, i have been unable to post any food pics the last few days, and possibly never ever will again. however, i will offer you a look at this video of ew-ridden responses re: “what if” guy fieri opened a restaurant in williamsburg, brooklyn via…

After a visit to Harrods’ food court … Resplendent with oysters and champagne … I thought it necessary to cool my overt poshness down a notch … and live like the little people. Both lives – simply divine.

Tasty UK Bits & Bobs

The Noble House – Liverpool Back to Glasgow’s Bar Gumbo …  Matt tempts guests with one of the spiciest sauces EVER! Having given in to peer pressure, owner Ros regrets having tried the sauce. Glasgow’s Bar Gumbo – The Brave Boys of the Wall of Flame The Drover’s Inn – Loch Lomond Don’s Chicken, Veggies…

Stop Wasting Food!

“From Farm Straight to the Trash: Why We Need Innovation Food Waste Solutions Right Now” Stop Wasting Food!