Eating Well in England

I heart British Airways. A two-hour flight from Barcelona, and I get an included Chicken Fajita Wrap and a cocktail. Oh yeaaaahhhh …

UK pigeons also enjoy Blueberry Muffins.

Alfresco dining on scooter seats in Camden Town. 

Happy Birthday Bronte! Along with Tacos and Refried Beans, dinner includes homemade Guacamole, Salsa and Mojitos. 

Don’t forget the fresh Lemon Tart! Thanks, Payard, for your scrumptious recipe! 

Unlike in France and Spain, my Biscuits (savory) came out perfectly!

When I’m not dining with the Queen or the Duchess, I pop in for a few treats at Windsor Farm Shop. 

Today’s delight? Lamb and Mint Pasty and a Mocha. Tea Time in Windsor!

A perfect Windsor spot for White Lady Tea, Scones and Sandwiches. 

Our view.

A family pub?

Real Fish & Chips!

With a few accompaniments. Mmmmm …

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