What’s New in the Crazy Food World?


After being preoccupied with work, life dramas and sleep deprivation, I have finally managed to check my favorite food blogs (apparently just Grub Street). Here are a few of my favorite “news”-related pieces just out during the past week or so:

Restaurants in Italy Serving Dolphin Meat on the Sly

“An undercover investigation conducted in Civitavecchia, a city north of Rome, has revealed that restaurants are illegally shaving bits of dried dolphin meat over salads made with onions, celery, and tomato. Apparently, all diners have to do is ask for “black” with their antipasti, the all-purpose code word shared by those people who can’t help themselves and absolutely have to eat a salad made from dried dolphin fillet.” – Grub Street

U.K. Chef Takes to Former Employer’s Twitter to Announce Firing

“A chef named Jim Knight in Oxfordshire, England, was apparently fired right after he asked to have Christmas Day off, but instead of employing all the old-school chef-revenge techniques at his disposal — dumping the fryers onto the floor, unplugging the P.O.S. system — he realized he had something with an even larger reach at his disposal: his restaurant’s Twitter account.” – Grub Street

Anthony Bourdain Says Chefs Are Crazy for a Good Reason

“Some chefs borrow money, they do everything they can, they kill themselves, it’s the culmination of a career working 100 hours a week or more. They finally open a place and within eight minutes of opening, some asshole has posted on Yelp, ‘Worst meal ever.’ You can understand why they go insane …” – Grub Street

David Cameron Chooses Team Nigella

“U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is a ‘massive fan’ of Nigella Lawson, so he’s not afraid of taking sides in the ongoing fraud trial against Lawson and ex-husband Charles Saatchi’s former assistants. He told the Spectator that as an amateur cook, he ‘sometimes watch[es] a bit of Nigella on telly’ with his daughter, and he is definitively on ‘Team Nigella.’ – Grub Street

Man Accidentally Shot by Own Gun in Kentucky Restaurant Bathroom

“A man who was shot by his own gun while relieving himself in the bathroom of a Kentucky Fazoli’s told police that he placed his weapon on the toilet-paper dispenser for safekeeping, but then it fell onto the floor and discharged, hitting him in the leg.” – Grub Street

This ‘Fried’ Pabst Blue Ribbon Burger Requires Valid ID

“The monster requires ID for purchase because each patty is topped with a ramekin’s worth of PBR that’s been frozen, then swaddled in wonton skins with sliced Cheddar, then breaded in crushed pretzels and fried. They say it comes with mustard-dill aioli or something, but that seems like overkill.” – Grub Street

James Bond Was Really Drunk All the Time

Grub Street

And last, but definitely not least …

Florida Man Tries to Barter Live Alligator for Beer


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