Finding Fabulous Crustaceans in Paris

What a delectable account for deciphering oysters in France! One of my favorite things about Paris during the holiday season – aside from plentiful foie gras samples, mulled wine and Nutella crêpes at the Champs-Élysées Christmas market, and all the super stylish department store windows – is passing by the shellfish stalls all around the city, especially along Montparnasse. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be quite as many when I was there last year. Of course, I’ve never ventured up to them to purchase any. Oooh la la, le trac. If only I could imprint  this list into my mind for future reference. Guess one of these days I’ll just have to head across the waters and finally test them out for myself. Mmmmm … can’t wait! Check out the full article at Paris by Mouth, and many thanks to Catherine Down for writing it!

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