Breathing, Baking and Baton Rouging

Since December, I’ve been trying to make a few healthier living transitions. Some have worked out better than others, but at least it’s a start. Nana also reminded me that as a kid I’d push myself to work and work before ever going out to play or watch TV or whatever. I still do this. So since both my brain and body were telling me to take a breather, I went on a much-needed day trip to Baton Rouge. Even an hour’s drive away to a city with more, or different, options is welcome. It’s all about the little things.

Because of the insane I-10 drivers, I hate the trek from Lafayette to Baton Rouge. No one uses their blinkers, they drive as if hooked up to your bumper and they pass you as if there is actually somewhere crucial they have to be. But I also love the drive because crossing over the Atchafalaya reminds me of the beauty of Louisiana. And I need that kick in the butt every once in a while.

This day, the drive wasn’t so bad. And because I jotted down all of the exits and such I needed to take, I arrived at my first destination with ease and few panic attacks.

Kased’s International Market: If you are in the area and in need of any kind of Indian or Middle Eastern ingredients, this is definitely the place to find it. It’s not in the same town I live in, but at least I know it’s only an hour away. Ahhhh …

2016-03-31 09.49.17-1
Combo pic of Kased’s and Trader Joe’s

2nd stop:

Anthropologie: One of the places I love to go no matter what city I live in or am visiting. Everything is soooo pretty and oozes of European deliciousness. I must have wandered around that one-story shop for an hour. It unfortunately is slightly above my price range, though I did manage to find a couple of gems. A scrumptious Kocostar foot wrap and a glorious cookbook (i.e. my new best friend): Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. I’ve already followed a few of the recipes, and plan on many more. From this jaunt, my feet are happier and so is my belly.

Foot Rub
2016-03-22 20.36.27-3
A Take on Shakshuka

4th stop:

Speaking of belly, about 10 paychecks later, I walked out of Trader Joe’s. My reusable bags runneth over with a bevy of fruits and vegetables and Orangina and those tasty little crackers and more veg and three of those nearly orgasm-inducing Tartes d’Alsace.


3rd stop (yes, I know, it’s not in order):

Magpie Café: I wanted a place to stop for lunch before doing the Trader Joe’s run, and found this little gem. It was definitely worth the veggie Panini, salad, cookie, iced coffee and (since the university is close by) eye candy. Sorry, didn’t get a pic of the latter. Uh oh, cougar alert! Healthy food, great Intelligentsia coffee, pretty people and a location right around the corner from Trader Joe’s – how perfect does it get?

2016-03-22 19.29.34

Due to an abundance of fig preserves, I felt obliged to make a Fig Cake this Easter. And well, it really wanted some Strawberry-Rose-Pistachio Ice Cream to go with it. You’re welcome, thighs. Oh come on, it was Easter. Note: I followed others’ suggestions and added the rose water after the ice cream began to form. I also snuck in a few pistachios.

2016-03-28 01.08.48

Now I get to eat salads for the rest of spring and summer. Except for this morning. No this morning, I will apparently be drinking a soy latté and eating a Maple-infused Scrambled Eggs and Richards Smoked Sausage Scrap from The Lab. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow is another day.

2016-04-03 09.14.10-1

Up & coming: Looking forward to visiting Beau Bassin in Carencro when it opens in a couple of weeks. Check it out here: Beau Bassin.

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