Mom used to make steamed artichokes. Or at least she made them once or twice when I was little. I don’t know why she stopped. Maybe it was a 70s thing. Steamed artichokes went out with pu-pu platters and piña coladas. I miss them.

From time to time, the thought crossed my mind to steam one, for memory’s sake. But because you can only suck the meat off the leaves and eat the heart, the effort resembled that of trying to crack and scrape the tidbits of meat in crabs. What’s the point?

In any case, I bought one once. But I left it in the fridge too long. And when I finally did steam it, either it was too old and tough or I was too impatient to let it steam long enough. I ended up throwing it out, defeated.

The other day, I once again had the craving, not only for its sweet leafy nectar, but for dinner with Mom. If she was here today, for supper I would steam artichokes for us, make a spicy aioli to dip the leaves in and share with her a bottle of wine, whatever kind/color she wanted. So I did that.

This time around, I was more patient. I followed the directions explicitly and I ended up slurping down two artichokes – one for me and one for Mom. She probably wouldn’t have liked me drinking the whole bottle of wine by myself. But sometimes these things just happen. Now steamed artichokes with aioli and a glass/bottle of medium-bodied red has become my new favorite meal. And it is delicious.

To make your own steamed artichokes, here’s an easy recipe from Simply Recipes.

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