Graduate Portfolio

Document Design Ideas via Pinterest (A collection of images and links acting as samples not only for my graduate Document Design course, but also for future inspiration in my career as a professional writer/designer.)

Course Projects

Style Guide
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L.I.F.T. White Paper
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L.I.F.T. Flyer Recto
L.I.F.T. Flyer Verso
L.I.F.T. Postcard Recto
Billboard 1
L.I.F.T. Postcard Verso
Billboard 2
Artist Facebook Graphic 1
Artist Facebook Graphic 2

Table-top Image for English Dept.

Flyer for Document Design Course
Handout for English Dept.
Booklet for English Dept.
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UN-Related Article
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Paris Mini-Book
Guide for International Humanitarian Organizations ISO Remote Writing Teams
Logo plus Final Portfolio Flipbook for ENGL 472 (Click for flipbook)