Who am I?

a bohemian infatuated with this crazy world’s beautiful people, places, food, things and surreality

Lulu - Hat

i like:
vesper martinis
corn dogs
fish sticks
homemade english muffin pizzas
toaster strudels (+scramblers)
foie gras terrines with onion chutney
white truffles
hot marriage frêres tea w/digestives
flaky croissants and rich hot chocolate
café crèmes in paris
anything in paris (almost)
dancing around my living room
long flights in first class
playing in the grass until i get sweaty and itchy
reading books about people in france
making short films
milan kundera
plastic pink flamingos
listening to mixed cassettes
the melancholia of autumn
speaking french
watching old movies
family and friends (saved the best for last)

to thrive in a creative and challenging environment
to combine food, music, travel, film and international exploration
to learn and grow with art and technology
to live this one precious life