Who am I?

Lulu - Hat

a bohemian infatuated with this crazy world’s beauty and surreality

to thrive in a creative and challenging environment
to combine food, music, film and international travel
to learn and grow and live this one precious life

Growing up in Louisiana, I spoke English in a southern twang but peppered with French. The latter was not pronounced with a southern twang as my mom always encouraged me to speak a word in another language with the accent of that language. I continued learning French here and there in school, and my first trip to France (Paris) was in 1987, when I was 16. That is where I fell in love. Not in particular with any one of the beautiful boys I saw during that precious week, but with the city itself. I’ve lived in and traveled to Paris several times since then, and although both I and the city have changed, that love affair has never faltered. I think of Paris as my mistress. She knows I can’t always be there, and sometimes she gets very mad at me when I do visit, but the love remains. I dream about living there again but also traveling to other cities in France. Shhh … don’t tell Paris. I’ve lived in and traveled to Florida, Seattle, New York and beyond, and I currently reside in Louisiana where I help my spunky 93-year-old grandmother. Here are a few of the things I love:

  • vesper martinis
  • really good red wine
  • an occasional corn dog
  • fish sticks with Nana
  • mayonnaise
  • homemade english muffin pizzas
  • toaster strudels (+scramblers)
  • foie gras terrines with onion chutney
  • white truffles
  • hot marriage frêres tea w/digestives
  • flaky croissants and rich hot chocolate
  • café crèmes in paris
  • anything in paris (almost)
  • cooking
  • writing
  • dancing around my living room
  • long flights in first class
  • playing in the grass until i get sweaty and itchy 
  • rainy days
  • sunny, but not too hot days
  • eating outside in the garden
  • reading books about people in france
  • making short films
  • milan kundera
  • plastic pink flamingos
  • listening to albums and mixed cassettes
  • the melancholia of autumn
  • speaking french
  • singing
  • watching old movies
  • hats
  • daydreaming
  • family and friends (but of course)