What is Biscuits + Brioche?

Biscuits + Brioche began in 2005 in the traditional sense of a blog, an online journal. I was working in the culinary sector as a proofreader, but I also wanted to share with others some of the recipes I loved as well as the events I was attending. Writing for the blog increased during my time in New York, but since then I’ve continued to share moments, voyages, recipes, rants, ideas and beautiful things.

Like with anything, change is inevitable, and so as my gut may give me new ideas, so might this site change. Last year, I deconstructed my blog to stand as a website with access to my writing portfolio, interesting links and both my Biscuits + Brioche and Anne-Julia Price blogs. Anne-Julia Price features more abstract and experimental writing while Biscuits + Brioche features culinary tales, tidbits and tastes along with food for thought, which could range from restaurant ideas to politics. In this time of short-attention spans, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I look forward to exploring new flavors, in whatever form, and to bringing you new information and ideas. Merci, et bon appétit!

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