Who am I?

Lulu - Hat

Ink Spiller | Blue-penciler | French/English Text Twister

a bohemian and natural-born foodist infatuated with, and consistently perplexed by, this crazy world’s beauty and surreality

to flourish in a creative and captivating environment
to savor food, music, film, and global relations
to learn and grow and live this one precious life

Growing up in Louisiana, I spoke English with a southern twang, sprinkled with French. Mom always encouraged me to speak any word in another language with the accent of that language. I continued learning French here and there in school and practiced it in real time during my first trip to Paris in 1987, when I was 16. That is where I fell in love. Not with any one of the beautiful boys I saw during that precious week, but with the city itself. I’ve lived in and traveled to Paris several times since then, and although both I and the city have changed, that love affair has never faltered. Paris is my mistress. But every couple has its issues. Now we are back together, and well, this new journey is all about us getting to know each other again, to see if we are really meant to be together. We made need couples’ therapy.

I’ve lived in and traveled to Florida, Seattle, New York and beyond and spent eight years in Louisiana helping my sweet and spunky grandmother until her unfortunate passing in August 2021. I miss her, my mom, my pawpaw, and the rest of my beautiful family, even my uncle. Love your family, and each precious moment of this very strange life. It is way too short.

Here are a few of the things I love:

  • vesper martinis
  • really good red wine
  • an occasional corn dog
  • fish sticks with Nana
  • fondue with Mama
  • tacos with Uncle Johnny
  • baseball games with Pawpaw
  • mayonnaise
  • homemade english muffin pizzas
  • toaster strudels (+scramblers)
  • foie gras terrine with onion chutney
  • small, buttery oysters
  • white truffles
  • hot marriage frères tea w/digestives
  • flaky croissants and rich hot chocolate
  • café crèmes in paris
  • beautiful chocolates in pretty boxes
  • cooking
  • belly-laughing
  • dancing around my living room
  • long flights in first class
  • long walks on the beach
  • water (boat) locks
  • playing in the grass until i get sweaty and itchy 
  • rainy days
  • sunny, but not too hot days
  • eating outside in the garden
  • reading
  • learning
  • making short films
  • milan kundera
  • plastic pink flamingos
  • listening to albums and mixed cassettes
  • attending talks about the brain or philosophy or global affairs
  • wandering the aisles of foodist trade shows
  • the melancholia of autumn
  • speaking french
  • singing
  • watching old movies
  • funky hats
  • daydreaming
  • good times with family and friends
  • writing (but of course)
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