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I don’t have cable. It’s been several years since I’ve enjoyed a lazy weekday afternoon where I’ve gotten off of work, plopped down on the sofa, and immersed myself in hours upon hours of mind-numbing, yet highly informative, tele-vegetation. The day that I received my ridiculously high cable bill was indeed the last time I’d question “Well, of course I want to go to Paris. But what about The O.C.? Are we on the same season?”

So once I cut the cable cord, I had to find other things to occupy my time. Thus came the usual; writing, reading, spending more time with friends, hanging out in coffee shops, etc. Oh, and that etc. includes what became an ever-increasing obsession with the Internet. Yes, my friends, just ’cause you get rid of one vice doesn’t mean there isn’t one just as big, bright and shiny waiting for you right around the corner; though this one includes getting to talk to other humans (via a computer) and an ‘in’ to superb culinary (and other) research.

About two months ago, someone mentioned they wanted to launch something completely new and different. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch videos online? Huh? Well, unfortunately I don’t think this person had done much research or he would have known this had already been happening (and growing like mad) in the last few years. I, unfortunately, had to be the one to inform him of that, and since he has moved on to writing for a newspaper.

You can watch some superb (and not-so) videos on YouTube, LuluTV, VideoWebTown, GrindTV, and wwi has a list of international TV links. But to my friend, and to other readers, I’d like to offer a very short, but top choice, list of video sites with culinary content out there. Please feel free to offer more ideas. Always looking for a good Internet/TV fix. Happy culinary video ‘vicing’ and bon appetit!

Sneaky Sunday
Cook Show
Crash Test Kitchen
Thai Food Tonight
Manjulas Kitchen
Tasty Food

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