Week One: NYC

Monday: This evening, I met Gita and Tony at the Campbell Apt. in Grand Central Station for a just-like-old-time's martini. Then headed over to a nearby pub for fish 'n chips, and then of course on to Wolfgang's (another old haunt) for a nightcap and lots and lots of photos (sorry, none available for public viewing… ok, maybe just one…).


Tuesday: Pamela Roland fashion show today with Sansan complete with views of Paris Hilton, Nigel Barker and Miss J. The collection was lovely, and the steak tartare I had after at The Modern just as much. Sansan's wild mushroom soup was light and airy, and accompanied by crispy chorizo ravioli. The evening transitioned into dinner at Baby Bo's Mexican restaurant with shrimp fajitas (YUM!), and then on to possibly the best pub ever, thanks to the spectacular bartender Raylene (and the stellar Guinness pours) (oh and the Irish tunes), Paddy Reilly's. George, Jorge and Rosalina met us there for a bit, and then we moved on over to the Waterfront Ale House to cap off the night.

Wednesday: Not much food during the day here, so was quite weak for most of the evening. I somehow forgot that models don't eat, so was hoping for hors d'oeuvres at tonight's fashion show by Carmen Marc Valvo (beautiful collection, btw.). Silly me. Made do with a few olives and people/character-watching though. And then just when I started to feel the crabbiness come on, Gita arrived to save the day, and she, Alice and I made our way down to MetroCafé & Wine Bar. With a great selection of wines by the glass using the Cruvinet System, it's a delicious place to kick back, enjoy casual American fare (like meatloaf and mashed potatoes), and thank God you're not a model. I just love food.
Thursday: Work during the day transitioned into a pre-wedding gathering for my former roomie Sach at Local 138 in the L.E.S., including a tapenade and swiss cheese crêpe from Creperie across the street accompanied by a PBR. It was great to see his brother Set, and meet their parents, but unfortunately I had to leave for another event before Sach arrived. AND I missed the wedding, in which I will be forever disappointed. Hopefully we'll meet again soon.
The next event was an absinthe tasting at, where else, L'Absinthe – a swanky, traditional French restaurant on East 67th. Aside from one employee who might want to think about taking a much-needed  long vacation at a Zen retreat, the tasting was lovely. I learned a great deal, and met some wonderful people including a Belgian artist, an English absinthe rep (the rep is English, not the absinthe), and a writer looking for some interesting travel spots in Cajun Country. Distinctly green (apparently due to added coloring – a tradition absinthe companies did back in the day), La Fée is a mild absinthe with a sweet, yet gentle anise flavor. I tried the second selection, Lucid, from France, without the sugar cube, and found it a bit less subtle, but still quite enjoyable. Clandestine, our third tasting, was a Swiss clear absinthe, sweet enough so there was no need for the sugar cube. The fourth and final taste was St. George Absinthe Verte. For more info check out this video.

Friday: A quick trip to check out Num Pang's pre-opening digs, the evening soon arrived with the Sensofwine tasting with Arlyn hosted by Luca Maroni at Cipriani's on 42nd. Some interesting wines, notably the Cantina Del Glicine Barbaresco Curà 2005, which I loved – dry & luscious – and included a food section with bread, cheeses, tons of meats, and olive oil (and a really long line). Fun, and awakening listening to the echos of Italian all around. Though with any culinary event, you encounter the gluttons and open-mouth eaters, which can sorta be a buzzkill. People just need to relax; there's plenty to go around for everyone. So gross.
After breaking for a quick dinner, Gita and I met Jason, Sansan and friends at Bruno Jamais for a champagne toast and entertainment. Jacques, the Maitre 'd, is always a doll, and treats us like princesses, and there's never a dull moment in people watching. Beginning to feel a bit transitional, Gita, Jason and I took it down a notch and brought it back to Paddy Reilly's for some Guinness and Celtic rock. Ahhhhh… time to keep it real. 

Neil LR
Tommy LR

The weekend, because the week had been much too eventful, turned relaxing and low key. Lots of sleep. Time to stay healthy, get grounded, and drink TONS of water. Sunday, appetizers and the Oscars. Tomorrow is another day. Bon appétit.

P.S. Thursday: The flu/cold thing finally caught up with me after having tried incessantly to drag me down, and has kept me away from outings for several days. More to come later…

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  1. Fat Tuesday came rollng around and I thought about you and how much I miss reading about your adventures. Sounds like the flu thing got to you but not before you had some fun!
    I miss you dearly!
    You’re SLT co-hort in crime…Scott

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