Preserve the Pinevue and Melrose Buildings!

Hi all!!!

Many Capitol Hill residents are outraged about the recent plans to demolish the 300 block of East Pine Street. This block contains the Pinevue and Melrose Buildings, home to Bauhaus Coffee and several other thriving independent businesses. These buildings have maintained their original storefronts and show no significant sign of alteration for nearly 100 years.

Tearing down these beloved buildings not only drives out small, independent businesses, it destroys the unique character, culture, and architectural heritage of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

That’s why I signed a petition to Mayor Mike McGinn, Madison Development Group, Seattle City Council, and Seattle Department of Planning and Development, which says:

“These buildings are important to our community and must be preserved!”

Enough’s enough with the constant barrage of characterless mixed-use structures stripping Seattle of its unique qualities and soul. Please help save at least one of these buildings as well as our beloved Bauhaus.

Click here to sign the petition:

Thanks bunches!


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