May 16 Update!!

Bonjour à Tous!

Just wanted to write up a few updates.

I am waaaay behind regarding the James Beard Awards as winners were announced over a week ago, and I greatly apologize. Due to early rising on Tuesday, I was regretfully unable to make the after party of the awards. Though I hear it was quite a spectacle. Anyone hear of raining champagne? Ring a bell? If you weren’t there, I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination. If you were, then notice I didn’t name any super duper high-profile names. I did have the pleasure of speaking with Joseba Jiménez de Jiménez of Seattle’s The Harvest Vine at the reception on Saturday. All I have to say is that he is a sweetheart, and that we should all be so lucky to be able to sport a beret in such a stylish manner. Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at his tiny upscale Basque establishment, then please run, don’t walk. It is absolutely scrumptious. If you’re into blood sausage, the Morcilla con Piquillo (pan fried onion blood sausage served with a piquillo pepper) is to die for. In New York, want more info on some local ‘blood’ spots? Check out a recent article by Nancy Davidson in Time Out New York called ‘Bloodsport‘. Mmmmm…don’t knock it till ya try it.
For more information on the James Beard award winners, click through to Star Chefs or James Beard.

This weekend promises to keep us pretty busy, at least here in NYC. Friday begins the New York Culinary Festival promising lots of music, noshing, and shmoozing. It’s fairly cheap (as far as these things usually go) and should definitely be worth it. Berlin will even be playing on Friday night!
Friday also begins several days of the Tibetan Yak Cheese Festival. Oh yeah, honey, you read right. This celebration, sponsored by The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Trace Foundation, will showcase Jigme Gyaltsen, a Tibetan monk, sharing his story along with a tasting of Tibetan Yak Cheese and imported wines from Italy. There will also be performances, recipes, videos, and photos. Should be spectacular!

For additional food fest/event info, make sure to check out/purchase a subscription to the lovely Ms. Arlyn Blake’s Food Calendar on

One more thing… I recently posted links to foodie movies as well as magazines. Please check them out. You’ll never realize there were so many out there. If you have additions, please keep me posted.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely and delicious day!

P.S. Oops! Almost forgot to mention a wonderful talk I attended last night, The Impressionist’s Table, at the Beaux Arts Alliance given by the darling Ms. Alexandra Leaf, culinary historian and food writer. Ms. Leaf enlightened her audience on the ins and outs of why the nineteenth century was known as the Golden Age of Gastronomy, through a slide presentation and explanations of some of world’s best Impressionist paintings. For more information, please check out her amazingly informative books: Van Gogh’s Table at the Auberge Ravoux and Impressionist’s Table.

P.S.S. Also, don’t forget to check out the following events. While these are only a fingernail full of culinary events going on, try to check one or two out in your neck ‘o the woods.

March 1 – July 31 Ben & Jerry’s Do Us a Flavor Contest
May 16 – May 28 Washington DC Mushroom Festival
May 20 San Francisco Uncorked! The San Francisco Wine Festival
May 20-23 Chicago NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show
May 22 New York Alimentum – The Literature of Food
May 21 New York’s Spring 2006 Conference
May 24-28 New Orleans New Orleans Wine & Food Experience
May 26-30 Garden Grove, CA 50th Annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
June 5 New York’s 2006 Golden Scoop Awards

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