End of Summer? Already??

   From New York to Indiana to Seattle, to Louisiana to Barcelona, back to Seattle, and then finally back to Louisiana, this spring/summer has been full of soul searching, fine friends and family, delicious meals, and living out of a suitcase. But now my boxes are unpacked, my huge collection of unnecessary items have been put in their special places, and I’m getting relaxed and settled in my new home in Louisiana. And, guess what kids? It’s just about back-to-school time. And indeed, it looks like I’ll be one of the students. But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up my tasting duties. I’ll still be taking a few moments between study time and more study time to whip up a few things at home and check out the hot spots of Lafayette. And I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of a new tapas joint, Pamplona, in downtown Lafayette. As what seems to be the norm when opening a restaurant these days, complications arose. Hopefully still opening this year, what appeared to be minor construction on a back wall turned out to be a necessary tear down and rebuild kinda situation. This is hearsay from the neighboring coffee shop. But whatever the case, it still isn’t open, there’s no phone number to call to get additional information, and I’m crossing my fingers that it ends up being a delicious and very true-to-taste Spanish tapas spot within walking distance from my new home.
    Seattle was filled with luscious treats from old stomping grounds: doughnuts and coffee from Top Pot, cupcakes and coffee from Cupcake Royale in Ballard, croissants and coffee from Le Panier at Pike Market, Swedish toast and (yes, again) coffee at Nervous Nellie’s in Ballard, real tacos from El Chupacabra (yay!) on Greenwood, and an unbelievable Thai curry with crispy noodles (Kao Soy, #24) from Thaiku in downtown Ballard. A few beers were also enjoyed at Shorty’s in Belltown, Hazelwood in Ballard, the new Cha Cha Lounge location in Capitol Hill, The (artsy) Hideout on First Hill, Six Arms on Capitol Hill, and the new Victory Lounge (formerly the Lobo) on Eastlake after an art show by Robert Evans at Caffeine, a local café in the same area.
    This morning I enjoyed an iced Top Pot coffee from my very own shared kitchen in Lafayette, Louisiana. Grabbing a bag on my jaunt to Seattle, along with a bag of aromatic Lighthouse coffee, I’m sure to enjoy a few Seattle brews while down south. But that doesn’t mean I won’t love slurpin’ on some Mello Joy, Café du Monde, or an occasional cup of Community; all superb java flavors from Cajun country.
    I hear there’s a great new (and only) Indian restaurant here, Masala, and I’m looking forward to dining out again at Tsunami, Café Habana City, and Guamas. A new martini bar called Shakers is supposed to be opening downtown, and I hear Lounge (410 Jefferson) is a pretty groovy spot as well.
    So here I’ll be for perhaps a couple of (or so) years. I’ll try to keep you posted as detailed as possible on delicious eats in the area. It ain’t Manhattan or Pareeee, but if you get a chance to make it down here, “I guarantee” you won’t be disappointed with the culinary finds. Until we meet again, bon appétit!

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