New Orleans Restaurant Scene Rises – NY Times

IVYNew Orleans Restaurant Scene Rises, Reflecting a Richer CityNY Times

I’m not sure I could ever live in NOLA, for some reason. My mom lived in the French Quarter for a while, and I’ve spent time there. It’s a precious gem in this country, but it engulfs me and I can only stay for so long. However, this rise in mouth-watering restaurants excites me. It reminds me of living in NYC and flitting from spot to spot sipping on Martinis, savoring Osetra and being pampered like a princess. Oh how I miss those days … even if my current thoughts venture more towards a life wearing Hunters during long walks in the open countryside after preparing brekkie (including homemade scones and jam) for traveled folks in my French B&B. How can innovative culinary adventures in a thriving city NOT excite a natural-born foodist? Watching a city shift itself from day to day into new shapes and sizes and flavors. It’s “gorgeous”, as a Scottish friend of mine would probably say. And it is. Check out this NY Time article by Shaila Dewan to find out the new haunts. Maybe it’s time YOU prepared a culinary journey to the Big Easy.

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